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Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
Written by Andy P. Thomas - February 2021
I am no better at this job than any single person in my group. Believe me - I’ve just been doing it longer (than some of you at least). 

I had a fantastic call with a member of the community once who was a bit stuck with trying to explain creative strategies to estate agents and reached out for my help.

On the call, they said that despite the fact she wasn’t having much luck with the current agents she was at least getting better at honing and polishing her ‘pitch’ to them. 

There is an incredibly important lesson there, and I want you all to take note.

I know a lot of you ‘fear the phone’ or the direct conversations you have to have with agents and vendors. Mostly centered around fear of rejection.

Again this boils down to mindset and your attitude towards it.

Instead of worrying about the ‘no’ see it as an opportunity to hone your craft. As a chance to improve on your technique. Dissect why your offer was rejected and work out how you can make it better next time. 

The brain is a muscle and will improve the more you use it. 

Look, the jury’s out on whether I’m good at sales. What I know is that I understand my products and my offerings in each individual case inside out. Not because I’m more intelligent than the next person. It’s because I’ve had the conversations 1000’s of times over.

I’ve had to explain LO’s, assisted sales and creative strategies to literally 1000’s of people. 

I promise you the first few times I did it I crashed and burned!! But I tell EVERYONE what I do. EVERYONE. 

This means I’ve had to explain my business to 1000’s and 1000’s of people over the years. Like learning to kick a football or swing a golf club, you have to practice. You have to put in the reps. 

If you can now, at the time of reading this flip a switch in your head so that instead of property being this huge, overwhelming, unobtainable thing...flip it into a hobby you want to get better at.

I believe it is then that this will not only become something that you truly love but something you will all excel at.

Today isn’t Saturday. Is another day to work on your hobby. Enjoy.
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About Author: Andy P. Thomas

With over 1000 property transactions under his belt, he knows a thing of two about buying property. Read more about Andy HERE.
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