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Accountability separates the wishers in life from the action-takers that care enough about their future to account for their daily actions
Written by Andy P. Thomas - December 2020
A quote by john di-lemme which couldn't be said better.
This one might be a bit in your face. But you need to hear it. 

The first property I ever bought was an off-plan apartment in Liverpool, sold to me by a friend that worked for a huge developer...and I nearly went bankrupt from it. 

I blamed everyone bar Santa Claus for that. My friend for selling me a crap investment, the developer for overpricing it, the valuer for being corrupt, and the bank for lending me the money! Everyone got a taste!

It was my fault! Plain and simple. I bought it uneducated, with zero due diligence (I didn't even know what that was then), and stuck my head in the sand over the financial implications. 

Come to think of it, if I track back through every mistake, every loss, and every failure I've ever made since then, property-related or not...IT'S ALL MY FAULT!! 

I promise you this. The moment you start taking responsibility for the failures instead of just celebrating your wins, your life will change. 

You're in the current position you're in, good or bad, because of the decisions YOU'VE made.

Not generating leads - Your Fault - Up your activity. 

Agents not working with you - Your fault - Polish your pitch and practice your objection handling. 

Lost money on a deal - Your Fault - You didn't run the numbers properly. 

Not getting enough offers accepted - Your Fault - Get in front of more vendors and know your product better. 

No deals in your patch - Bullsh!t - Give me the postcodes and I'll find 5 by the weekend. 

Wasted money on a training course - Get over it - Get in front of vendors, close more deals and you won't give it a second thought!! 

Not got enough time - Lies - If you've got time to watch telly, meet a friend for lunch, live for the weekend, lie in, listen to music on your way to work or in the gym, then you've got time to work on doing something about working towards your goals. 

And for those of you sat there reading this thinking... 'Is this tit suggesting I have no life and turn into someone obsessed about achieving my goals'?? No...not even for a second!

Just don't go around bitching about it when it doesn't happen and instead accept your current situation, relax and be happy. 

Until you accept that your current situation is down to the decisions you've made, you'll most likely end up stuck in the same spot. 

If you take responsibility for your actions and become accountable for your life, it is then that you can start doing something about it. 

Own your mistakes. Own your failures. Own your losses. Dissect them, learn from them, and move forward. Just do something about your current situation. 

Nobody else is going to work on goals for you.

'What you've done is nothing compared to what you can do" - Grant Cardone
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About Author: Andy P. Thomas

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