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There is no shortage of money. There is only a shortage of people not thinking big enough.
Written by Andy P. Thomas - November 2020
Look, it’s not like I’m asking to hop on a train to London and go start building skyscrapers. 

...although...what’s wrong with that?! I know it’s early but work with me here. 

If you set your mind on doing that and made it your mission I absolutely 100% guarantee, no questions asked or your money back...that huge doors would open for you!!! 

You’d be forced to seek out the people that do this and pick their brains. 

They aren’t built by aliens from Mars after all! They’re Human beings. They shower every day (I hope) and have 5 liters of blood...just like you!! 

You’d then be forced to look for potential opportunities where an acquisition for the land to build these, could be presented to your new alien friend. And then who knows...

You’d educate yourself on the mechanics and fundamentals of the whole process. 

Would this happen in year one...? Doubtful. Year 20... Perhaps! Or perhaps it would never happen.

But I can promise you one thing. With a mindset that big, you would surpass any goals, you have written down right now!

Think about it. Think about the conversations you’d be forced to have to even make a dent in that space!

Do you think you’d develop some contacts along the way? A JV partner perhaps? Access to a consortium that buys portfolios? 

Or are you scared to even have those conversations? 

No issues. Forget I brought it up. Carry on having the same rinse and repeat bullsh!t conversations at networking events with deal sourcers who think they might be DTV!! 

I’m just using this as an example to try and slap you all in the face to wake you up!! 

If you’re looking for 7-8% single let properties. That’s what you’ll get. Because that’s where your mind is focused on and when you have conversations with people that’s what you ask for. 

And so on and so forth. 

If you feel like you have to start small because of funds, lack of experience, or because your family told you that’s the safe thing to do or whatever bullsh!t story you’re telling yourself then fine!

But think BIG! Think HUGE!! 

My biggest regret is that I didn’t set bigger goals 15 years ago when I started out. Because I’ve hit every one of them and now I’m pissed off because I know I was thinking too small. 

So now I want a skyscraper. I want retail parks. I want distribution centers at the sides of motorways with Amazon as my tenant!

Will I ever do it? Who knows. But I’m already having the conversations about wanting to...and guess what...doors are opening... everywhere!! 

Educate yourself. 

Build your foundation. 

Earn your stripes.

But do it with a f***ing SkyScraper mentality!!! 

What’s the worst that can happen...

Have a great day!!
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About Author: Andy P. Thomas

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