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Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.
Written by Andy P. Thomas - October 2020
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Long-term sustainable property investing is a big topic. It’s not necessarily overly complicated but it does require you to be multi-skilled across a range of disciplines, especially when starting out and takes that one thing that so many lack... commitment. 

Property done the right way can provide incredible amounts of wealth. Not just in your own lifetime, but for your family for generations to come. But that won’t happen with a part-time attitude or with constantly looking for shortcuts. There are no shortcuts to generational wealth. 

Blue Oak Academy is born out of this need. Having been in the industry for over 30 years combined, in the property training and coaching industry for almost 10 years, and having grown a Facebook community to over 4000 members; one thing is clear...people need help...people need guidance...and people need structure. 

The Academy gives you just that. 

We have spent the last 12 months listening very carefully to the members in our community and the people we mentor on a 121 basis and have taken over 30 years of combined knowledge and created this platform just for you. 

Step by step video training on every strategy you may need to succeed in property: 

Commercial conversions 
Land and development 
Supported living 
Lease options 
Rent 2 Rent 
Assisted sales 
Deal trading 

And also a lot of the other essential skills required to make sure you not only earn money but you learn how to keep it:

Wealth building. 
Money management.
Raising finance.
Company structure. 
Doing joint ventures. 

And of course other key fundamental skills like: 

Project management 
Working with builders. 
Working with architects 
Working with planners 
Pricing up refurbs. 
Sales and closing. 

Whatever skillset within property you are currently pursuing, we have you covered and the complementary skills that come with it. 

The videos are a combination of short, sharp, and easy to digest bite-sized videos averaging 10-15 mins in length or longer webinar type training. And most of the videos come with worksheets and downloadable resources so you can interact with the content as you go. 

If you have any questions Rich and Andy are an open book and always happy to take questions so simply reach out to them on any of their social media platforms and we’ll be happy to talk shop. 

Welcome to the Academy. Here is to your continued success. 

Andy & Rich
Blue Oak Academy
Built by landlords and investors for landlords and investors. This revolutionising 
one-stop-shop is for all property education needs; all from a simple membership.

About Author: Andy P. Thomas

With over 1000 property transactions under his belt, he knows a thing of two about buying property. Read more about Andy HERE.
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